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Feature: Val


The reason I joined Crossfit920 because my husband brought me to the Halloween WOD of 2013 after many years of persuasion from him and Matt. I convinced myself all I needed was yoga, but had hit a wall in my practice and teaching. My muscles ached, pulled a hamstring, and felt lethargic while teaching. Within 2 days of the Halloween event, I was registered for On Ramp.

Honestly, my goals were to survive the first few months! I set out to increase my strength (although the number is not my goal, just improvement) and endurance to achieve a few new poses in yoga and teach without getting tired. I achieved those goals within 2 months, and discovered a desire to grow stronger! My goals keep changing as there is always something to work on improving for functionality and precision.

CrossFit has had an amazing influence in my life. My muscles are stronger, energy levels increased, and I’m able to teach a yoga class without experiencing fatigue. I’m fortunate to enjoy this journey with my husband, an incredibly positive influence on my ability to stick through the difficult and frustrating moments. The biggest benefit is the quieting of the negative voices in my head. Let’s face it, we can all talk ourselves out of doing something, and those nagging voices have limited me from just doing. CrossFit is the only activity outside yoga that quiets the negative self-talk. I still have a lot to improve, goals to reach, but I’m DOING IT! My yoga practice finally has the perfect partner!

I started November 1, 2013, working through On Ramp, then starting with a 3-day-week regime. I now CF 5 days a week, most days before the sun rises! Matt and Kevin have never been pushy about participation, but are honest about achieving goals and the time commitment it takes to reach those. CrossFit920 is a Community of judgment-free support and encouragement. You can’t help but feel a part of something bigger.

Outside yoga, I’ve never kept an interest in any organized physical exercise. What hooked me is the similarities between my yoga practice and well-coached CrossFit. Our Coaches have a laser focus on individual ability, precision, functionality and accuracy in all movements. They are a source of endless encouragement and support! The variety of workouts and adaptations keep me interested and engaged. It almost becomes a game with the negative voices in my head, working every day to eliminate the barriers the voices can drop! I CAN! I WILL!

I do not really have a “favorite” as each WOD is an opportunity to improve. I love Team and partner WODs because the energy and encouragement generated by teammates. As for lifts, I’d have to pick cleans and squats…neither are “easy” for me, but darn fun to improve!!! Kettlebell work is another absolute favorite!

The advice I would give some interested in trying CrossFit would be patient and openminded. CrossFit is a journey, much like yoga. One day you feel like you’re in a foreign universe and the next day your crushing what was difficult the day before! You must surrender old scripts and expectations and just DO! The voices will pester you, but you do not have to engage in conversation with them! Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and work on something challenging. Be open to all opportunities…box jumps, snatch lifts, even YOGA!

Feature: Krissy


I joined Crossfit because it seemed very similar to the way I used to train and I wanted to get back into it. I also wanted some time for me to get back to feeling like me. I was interested in Crossfit because it combined a lot of movements with lifting and it seemed challenging and fun. I also that it would pair well with my yoga practice. =) I also wanted something just for me.

My main goal was to feel like myself again. I wanted to feel strong and athletic. I wanted to feel like I could kick some butt. Also, I was looking to lose a bit of weight. I did reach many of my goals. I am still working on a few, but I have made a lot of progress. I reached my goals by getting my butt to Crossfit and adjusting my nutrition.

I feel stronger and healthier. Crossfit has helped with my endurance, it has made me stronger in my yoga practice and other activities I do, plus it has challenged me in really good ways. Crossfit has also given me a great community of people that are cheering you on along the way.

I have been doing CrossFit for just over a year with CrossFit 920 the entire time. I was drawn to CrossFit920 because of their approach. They make it doable for anyone and they are a fun group of individuals. I also love it because it reminds me of my yoga community, they care and support you along the way. We laugh, we cry and we rock out to some awesome music.

I have increased the number of times I go per week. I started doing 3 times a week and now try to get in 4 or 5 days a week. I do it because it makes me feel good.

CrossFit is actually a bit similar to how I lifted in the past, but the WODs are a great combination of strength and endurance in which is not how I worked out before. I really love how I can leave after an hour and I feel great.

Hmmmm…I am not sure that I have a favorite WOD, but I like to jump rope, do deadlifts and jump on boxes. My favorite lift is the deadlift.