Maybe you’ve seen CrossFit on TV…

Maybe your co-worker just started CrossFitting and now every other word is “WOD” or “Burpee” or “Paleo pancakes”…

Perhaps you’re embarrassed because your grandma, who’s been a faithful member to her local box for 6 months, has officially beaten you in arm wrestling…

Well, that’s what CrossFit is… It’s a bunch of normal, 9-5 job working, taking kids to soccer practice, Toyota Prius driving, people!

We all get to the box on time for class, lace it up, stretch and workout together as hard as we can for that little part of our day.  We do CONSTANTLY VARIED, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS at HIGH INTENSITIES (you’ll hear that again)… This means that we will rarely do the same workout twice… we will do movements you do every day without even thinking, like squats, deadlifts and cleans… and we will go hard.

What makes CrossFit 920 different?

Simply put, you’re able to do things here that you can’t anywhere else. We offer CrossFit, Strongman and Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Nutrition, Personal Training, Sport Specific Training, and anything else you want (we’ll figure it out)… you can flip tires, lift atlas stones, push prowlers, do snatches (get your mind out of the gutters), row half marathons, all before work!!!!

CrossFit in itself is one incredible way of training for life and getting fit, but we wanted to take it to the next level. We have two of the strongest dudes in the country here full time to teach you how to lift power or Olympic, that’s their thing! On any given day you could be lifting with one of our many American or World Record holding powerlifting members, OR The 55 year old ladies who are just staying fit. We truly have a wide variety of clients from all walks of life, which makes our community so diverse and amazing!!

If you ever have any questions about your diet, your lifts, how to get stronger, leaner, just ASK! We’re here to help, we love to help!


– 920 Staff